Vendor’s Tips

Preparation of the Property for Sale

A few general tips – your Elite Agent will go through the process with you.


First impressions are critical – if buyers don’t like the outside, they probably won’t look inside.

  • keep the garden neat and tidy and plant some colourful annuals
  • tidy and de-clutter your garage/carport/workshop
  • repair fencing where necessary
  • if your letterbox is not up to scratch, replace it!


Light makes rooms look more spacious.

  • open all window furnishings
  • replace dead light globes and consider using some high output globes


  • Clean and repair where necessary


  • Bathrooms and kitchens are always a focus so ensure that they are sparkling.
  • Repair grout or sealant where required and polish fittings.


  • Wax/polish timber floors and steam clean carpets where necessary.


  • Paint is your best investment as it makes the whole house smell clean and look neat.
  • A general clean up (sticky tape, tacks, washing walls etc) and minor repairs may suffice.

Fresh Air

  • Nothing smells better – on warm days, open windows and blinds and ensure there are no pet odours.
  • Make sure your pets are out of the way on open house days.